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Making adoption more human: Pt2 When and how should adoption take place.

As far as I know, I only have four faithful readers here. One of them is an adoptive mother who I respect and admire because of her honesty and her heart, I consider her my friend. Two are women who truly know my pain and have been here for me so much and they are very special friends to me. And the fourth reader is my lovely sister, who would probably never read this blog if it was written by anyone else, but she loves me and she reads everything I write out of that love. I love her for that. 

Oh, I know that sometimes other’s stop by and peak, but don’t leave a trace of who they are. And I know I’ve had some who have come to my blog by the way of searches. A small fraction of which were actually related to the contents of my blog. (I hope that those who are in search of answers find some here.) But most of these searches are what I consider very strange and some of them are even sick. I’m sure that some of these people are quite disappointed that their search leads them to my blog. (ha!)

So when I received a couple of comments from people who usually do not comment on my writing, I view that as a small success. Someone actually read what I had to say and found it worthy of comment. Yea.

Ok, it’s not really that I just have to have comments. That’s not the purpose of my writing this blog. First this is my place to vent what is in my heart and my mind that I can not vent in public life, second it is hopefully something that will someday help others, ether tell them things they didn’t know before they make a decision that will change them forever, or help someone who  is suffering pain like mine to know that they are not freaks, and they are not alone. And my true dream is that some day, somehow, by some miracle one of my children might find this blog and recognize me and know how much I love them and contact me because of this very blog. (I know that is very far fetched dream, but it is indeed my dream.

So receiving comments is not what I do this for. If I never received another comment, I would still continue. But I can’t help myself. It feels good to have someone comment on something I write. The truth is, they wouldn’t even have to agree with me, I just find it comforting to know that something I wrote, this, that I put my heart and soul into can cause other’s to think of comment. It is for this reason I can say that I have never censored any comments. (oh, except for the one time when someone left just a series of letters that meant nothing. Very strange.) And if anyone ever sends me spam through my comment section, I will have no problem deleting those. If someone disagrees with me and chooses to voice their opinion and their reason for the disagreements, they are welcome here. (although I might add that this is a public site, there for one might consider acting in a respectful way that you would in public)

Why has this come up? Why did I stop what I was writing on to write this drivel about comments? How can I write such a boring post and say that I am inviting all to comment? Well, if you are still here reading this, ( thank you), I will tell you. I did receive one more comment than what you can see. A very special comment, from a very special person. She chose not to leave the comment on this site, because she disagreed with some of what I said and didn’t want to publicly tell me that. Because she didn’t want to hurt my feelings. Because this woman would never knowingly hurt anyone, Never! Because this woman has a heart made of pure gold, she censored herself rather than risk hurting me. But the truth is, what she had to say was very thought worthy. And I’d like to share some of it with you now.

Is it ok to say I don’t agree with everything you said?  I know a lot of it is because how you were treated very unfairly and they should have never taken the children away from you.  However, there are mothers who will never be good mothers.  How many chances should she get if she is abusing her children?  If no one else is allowed to adopt them, does that mean that they either get passed from foster home to foster home or stay with the mother who might eventually even kill them?……Just because a woman can have a baby doesn’t mean she should.  Some women will never be a good mother.  And does that mean that women who can’t have children are bad people?…….I do agree that they need to do a major overhaul on CPS.  It makes me angry to think of Cps taking R & L away from you and I know there are a lot of innocent women who should never have lost custody of their children.  Cps was designed for the children who really needs their help for whatever reason, not for the purposes they decided to make it for.  We just can’t ignore the needs of the children who are being abused by their parents.  If the abuser is the Dad, then Cps needs to offer the Mother help in getting away from him and help with learning how to raise her children without the Dad……Well anyway, something to think about when you are writing the rest of your article.  I don’t want you to lose sight of the children who are in danger if they stay with their parents in an abusive home.

The funny thing is, I really don’t disagree with anything she said here. I do understand that sometimes life being messy and all, sometimes there is no other option. I know some people who lived their entire childhood with abusive parents that should have never had to live with such terrors. No one saved them. No one cared or seem to care about these children. It is still happening today. So many children that need help and are not getting it. And don’t think that it is because no one knows, because they do know! The people that could help these children who live in fear and pain know they are there and know they need help. But these are the children who have been labeled as “not adoptable” Most due to age. So a blind eye is turned from these children because the people that could help them, see them as already lost. And they, these so called non-adoptable children have nothing to offer the “authorities” They can gain nothing from helping these children.

While other parents loose their children to CPS for the crime of being poor. Or the mother looses her children because she reports her husband as an abuser. Even though she doesn’t live with the man any longer. Or even the other way around, when the husband takes the kids away from an abusive mother and still looses his children. (He is, after all, just a man… how could he raise these kids alone?)

And even if there is no way to keep the children with the parents, ether one of them, why are they given over to strangers? Why doesn’t the “social workers” try to find a family member who is able to care for them? Grandparents, Aunts or Uncles, cousins even? At least they should try to keep the kids with family. But they don’t. They don’t even try.

And then there are the countless new born babies that are taken from the mother and placed into the arms of another woman who is found to be more deserving of the child. What abuse did these women inflict on their babies? To cause them to be coerced into relinquishing their rights as legal mother? Being too young while pregnant? Being unmarried? Being poor or lack of education? And we excuse all this by saying things such as; “She signed the papers.” Yes, indeed she did. But under what kind of pressure? How many times was she told that she could not be a good parent to her child? How many times does it take to tell someone they can’t possibly be a parent to their child before they believe it?

But does this mean that women who can not have children of their own deserve to be childless? Are they somehow bad? NO! Of course not. But does their pain of not having a child make them more worthy of motherhood than the young, single, poor woman who is now pregnant? Is this woman unworthy of this child because her pregnancy was unplanned? Should we continue to allow the agencies to take this baby out of her mother’s arms and place her into the arms of another so that this woman suffering from infertility can have a chance to be a mother?

Now understand and try to remember that I did say that adoption can not be totally eradicated. I believe there are times when nothing else will be possible to save a child and adoption must take place. And then, these women who have the love of a mother, but not the capability to have a baby can indeed become a mother. To those children with no other hope. Those who someone on their behalf has tried everything else possible and have been left with only the option of adoption.

And if the pregnant woman, who will soon be a mother, is given true and all details to her options. How she can find support to help her so that she can raise her own child. If she is told the truth about how life would be for her after adoption… Then there would be considerably less infant adoptions, I’m sure. Does this matter? If adoption is supposed to be about the kids, (which it isn’t now as it stands) then those who are adopting or who want to adopt, should be wanting to adopt a child that needs them, not adopt because they need a child. So if the child is older, does that matter. Would you love the child less if she was older when she came into your life, rather than a new born?

One more example before I stop rambling. This time in the form of a story. This story is made up in my head. The people are not real, despite an resemblance there  may be to real people. If you think you find something in this story that sounds similar to another story you heard or read about, perhaps on the news? That is only because even though I made up the players in this story, stuff like this really does happen. Sometimes fiction is too close to the truth. …

So there is a child, his name is Tony. He’s not quite a teenager, but too old to play cowboy any more. In fact, he doesn’t play any games. He has been severely abused by his own parents for more years than he can remember. He’s been tossed into foster care and back to his parents so many times he feels like a rubber ball.

Tony doesn’t allow himself to get close to anyone. He’s been placed in your care now and you see his pain. His emotional scars show like a flag on a pole. He is sullen and withdrawn most of the time, and then suddenly without warning he turns violent and angry. You understand that his emotional scars run so deep that it might not be possible to help him completely over come this. But he has taken your heart. You can’t help it, you love him and you try hard to reach his heart with yours.

Time and time again you reach out to him with love, trying to gain his trust, only to be rejected by him over and over again. Until one day you see a small glimmer in his eyes. He slowly reaches out to you, his tiny hand shaking in fear. A tiny gesture of hope that someday, he might trust you, someday he might even except your love. Your heart sings at the thought that this child might be able to be saved.

And finally, after trying everything possible, the “social workers” have realized that there is no hope for reforming Tony’s parents. Finally, the courts are in agreement. And since Tony has stayed with you for longer than anyone else in the past year or so; and he has begun to show some progress with you. It seems logical that you would be given option to adopt him, yes?

There is just one problem now. He’s not cute. NO not at all. In fact, some might even call him….ugly. And for a child in the system, he is old, too! So of course, given the circumstances, the social worker begins the paper work to place him in a children’s home until he is old enough to release from state custody. Because of course, you wouldn’t want to adopt this older child, who isn’t at all cute and has a lot of emotional baggage. What would your friends say when you said “this is Tony my son.”?

Now be honest here, how do you feel about this story?! Do you feel angry that I could say such a terrible word like “ugly” about a child? Or do you feel anger that it was suggested that his looks would have ever been a factor? And lord knows if you’ve already bonded with this boy in foster care, you wouldn’t be thinking of anyone who thought bad of you because your son wasn’t “cute”

Well, be aware, that government agencies believe this is exactly how you would react. Any of us. They think that when they have the older less attractive children in their care that no one! NO ONE, would ever want to adopt that child! Isn’t it time that we showed these government agencies that we are not that Shallow???

Let me just say there are some obvious times when adoption would have to be an option. Such as an accidental death of the parents with no known family members. But that seems that it should go without saying.

Also, I’d like to clarify that I do not blame the adoptive parents for any of the injustice that happens in the name of adoption. I think, it is my belief, that in a way, the adopting parents are just as misinformed and in some ways yes, I think they are coerced into believing that they are doing the right thing. They are told that they are saving not only a child, but the mother of that child. This point of view is the only point of view that many of them ever hear before the adoption. They are never told how the mother is “convinced” to sign those papers, and they are never told how bad the effects will be on the mother. In most adoptions, I think, that the adoptive parents are told the same things as the mothers so much that they too believe the lies and truly do believe they are doing a wonderful thing.

 Ok, so part 3 will come in a few days. In part three I hope to complete this line of my thoughts by giving you some of my ideas for alternitive to adoptions in some cases.  


September 4, 2006 - Posted by | Adoption, if only


  1. I did not read all of your post, but just from the title,my only real issue about adopting from what I know about it is that they have some kind of “Adoption Fair” that the children seem to get herded around like cattle so see who wants who. That part is just sickening to me. On the other hand, I believe that it is God’s Divine power to bring together who he chose(past tense-it is already been decided and in the works to be) to bring together no matter how they get there. I have sons, who have brothers and sisters and half brothers and sisters and step brothers and sisters and a whole big mixture of people. Some of them are in no way related, but because the sister is related somehow to a brother, the other son claims her as a sister too, and treats her that way. And vice versa.

    I plan to adopt some more kids just because my sons asked me to. How will I get them, I do not know because I refuse to do the adoption fair thing. I would end up taking as many kids as they would allow me to have, just because I would take anyone who looked at me like they wanted to come home with me. I know that God will work that part of it out for me because He said He would. That is what I am banking on. If it is a picture, a pass in the hallway, a kid my sons know already (my 11 year old asked me to adopt his friend from school and I was all for it, but the little boy was already going through the adoption process with someone else_ I prayed about it and knew he was where he was suppose to be- I loved that kid though-he is a little angel!!), I don’t know that part of it, but I know that God has already laid the process in which I will find the child or children I am to adopt.

    I have a friend who is still angry that his bio mom gave him up. He cannot see how she could. He cannot see her doing it out of love and sacrifice for him. He sees her not wanting him. He is 38 and still deals with this on the daily. His arm says “Born alone to die alone” and he means that from the heart. It saddens me because he does not see pass that. He had great parents that raised them and he is grateful for that but his bio mom is still in his mind everyday. It shows in his relationships because he refuses to get close to anyone because he thinks, “if my mom could leave me, why would a woman stay?” Which is the same argumentt many young girls have about their dads and the men later they bring into their life. With that pre programmed, where is room for a healthy relationship? There is none. Not without a serious look inwards and a plea for help. When do they get that help? After they are pregnant? After they hit the girlfriend or wive and have to go to court appointed anger management classes? We are talking about adoption, but in reality, we are talking about the 80% in one school in foster care (out of the 25 kids in my sons class, him and 3 other kids are NOT foster kids-this is a problem).

    Ok, I have went to a whole different subject but as I write, I am lead to make certain points and share my thoughts. So now I have shared them with you. You can check out my blogspot at fromoneperspective.blogspot.com–I will copy this comment to my page as well. Thanks for your insight and listening to mine.

    Comment by Corri | September 4, 2006 | Reply

  2. Thanks for the post. You really have a way with words. And I agree with what you said.

    Comment by Leanna Burt | September 4, 2006 | Reply

  3. Hey. I just found you via WordPress Tags. I’m reading too. Good words. I’ve got more to say on this post but no time so I will write more later.

    Comment by Susan | September 5, 2006 | Reply

  4. Corri, thanks for stopping by and for adding your thoughts. I agree with you that those adoption fairs are very nauseating. You might as well put the children on the shelves at walmart and put price tags on their wrist….

    I know it’s a lot of reading… But I do wish you would read more in my site… or read some of the blogs written by other’s who I have links for. These links are not complete by a long shot, I try to add at least one link a day to my site. There are so many people who have a lot of very important things to say about adoptions. I would recommend to anyone that is considering adoption from any side, to read what the adopted adults have to say.

    Let me just ask you one question: Do you believe that God gave us free will? Yes, I do believe that anyone who ask God to guide them to His will and are truly open to His will, will be granted that. But if we are given “free will” and we, as imperfect humans choose to interfere with what God has planned, then how can we now say it is His will?

    Comment by sheribat | September 5, 2006 | Reply

  5. Leanna, thanks so much for being here for me! Your support means so much!

    Comment by sheribat | September 5, 2006 | Reply

  6. Thanks for leaving a comment, Susan! I’d love to hear what you think!

    Comment by sheribat | September 5, 2006 | Reply

  7. Sheri- I believe I may be the adoptive mother that you spoke so kindly about in the beginning of this post. Thank you for that, if I am. 🙂

    I like to believe that in our situation, Snuggle Bug’s birthmother made an informed decision based on reasons that she felt were strongly valid to her, that she made her decision without coercion and that, as it stands right now, she does not regret her decision. At least that’s what she’s telling us and, of course, I want to believe her.

    We have a semi-open adoption arrangement because she and I both felt it important that she deserved the right to know how her child is doing throughout the years. It’s also to benefit Snuggle Bug so that if/when he decides he’d like to meet her and/or his birthfather, we’d have the information and the connections to assist him with that. We have a great amount of respect for Snuggle Bug’s birth mother and we do everything in our power to honor her by treating her with the respect that she deserves.

    I can’t agree with all that you’re saying in these posts, but I know that we view adoption from totally different perspectives and I respect you for standing behind your beliefs. I do appreciate that you’re expressing your views in such a manner so as not to tear down all adoptive parents as I’ve seen happen in the past.

    Just know, that I will continue to read and learn from your posts. Thank you for sharing!

    Comment by Overwhelmed! | September 8, 2006 | Reply

  8. Hi, what a great blog you have here.

    Comment by spyware | September 9, 2006 | Reply

  9. Sheri, I’ve recently come to your blog and have commented a few times. I just wanted to let you know that I think you have some extremely logical views of what’s broken with the way adoption is conducted in this country.

    I would really like to hear your thoughts on how we could garner the attention of the lawmakers who have raised adoption to such a positive level that criticism is seldom tolerated. In my opinion, that’s the hurdle that needs to be cleared in order to give first mothers the voice needed to jumpstart change.

    Comment by Margie | September 16, 2006 | Reply

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